Meristem Token – Proof of Stake ERC20 standard

We are a small team of developers of JavaScript applications and Ethereum smart contracts, and will be soon releasing two secret projects.  Meristem Token is our first gift to the crypto community while we prepare to fully launch our passion projects.  At release all holders of Meristem Token will be rewarded with the first coins/tokens, Pre-ICO.

The environmental protection industry, which provides instruments and technologies to help our environment, requires a rapid development all over the world after environmental protection awareness grows in minds of the public. A voting platform will be developed that allows Meristem Token to invest funds in various environmental projects, chosen by the Meristem community.

Contract: 0xe9e74bae31892b6b1c000e009c93438dbd14d723
Symbol: MSTEM
Decimals: 18

Staking & RoadMap

Staking instructions

Your MSTEM token balance must stay the same for at least 72 hours/3 days. Deposits or withdraws of MSTEM from your wallet will reset your staking age back to zero.  When you are ready to mine, send to yourself an amount of MSTEM, could be 0.000000001.  Check here: to see the lowest amount of gas to use.



Oct 2017 Launch

Nov Airdrop 2

Nov Listing on Exchange

Feb 2018 Release Second Project